Friday, March 2, 2012

Snap of the Week

The East Coast has definitely been enjoying a mild winter this year. While in Baltimore earlier this week, Chris and I ordered some take out from his (and now my) favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Mekong Delta, and had an impromptu picnic lunch under this pretty plum tree. I was excited to see a lot of the trees already in bloom with honey bees buzzing around them. Back in the Garden State, however it's been all cloudy skies and chilly rain. The sun is trying to peak out today, but there are more showers in the forecast for this weekend. I look at this picture and wish I could turn back the clock a few days. Here's hoping Mother Nature decides to cut us a warm break next week.


Punctuation Mark said...

gorgeous! Happy Friday!

Christie said...

Beautiful! Sigh...I love blossoms.