Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is what happens when your love for dinner parties starts at the age of nine and you grow up to be a brilliantly talented and successful photographer. Lukas had hosted his fair share of parties, church events and workshops over the years, but nothing was more fun than an intimate dinner party. His love for great conversation, delicious food and a wonderful excuse to gussy up the house came together in this beautiful evening planned for eight of his friends, both old and new. The vibrant yellow linens collected from the downtown LA Fabric District made a beautiful statement against the rich eggplant walls, and antique dinnerware and table decor from Fishy Finds made a bold contrast from the very modern palette. The chandelier is from Collectible Thrift in Canoga Park, California. My favorite part of this party is that the delicious eats were mostly from Trader Joe's! I love me some Trader Joe's.

So what do you think, darlings? Doesn't this make you wanna throw a dinner party this weekend?

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caroline said...

Wow, what a beautiful dinner party, and thrown by a guy no less!