Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Scrub

Oh hey there, lovelies. How did the weekend treat you? The Garden State was drenched nearly all weekend, and Mother Nature still hasn't let up. Even though I spent most of the past two days running from rehearsals to lessons to auditions to church services in the rain, I loved it! I have a thing for downpours and thunderstorms, always have. Settling in after a busy weekend called for some quiet pampering, so I poured a glass of wine, enjoyed a long, hot bath with my favorite honey sugar scrub and gave myself a mani/pedi.

I may have shared this with some of you already, but it's worthy of a repeat. I love making my own sugar scrubs and since this particular combination is so easy to whip up, I always have it on hand.

Honey Sugar Scrub


1 cup organic raw brown sugar
1/2 cup organic raw honey (make sure it's absolutely raw honey,
not pasteurized or filtered honey)
8-10 drops tea tree oil


1. Combine raw brown sugar, raw honey and tea tree oil
in medium sized mixing bowl.
2. Transfer to a resealable container like a mason jar,
using a rubber spatula


Moisten your face with warm water to open your pores. Using a wooden tongue depressor stick, dispense approximately 1 tsp of your honey sugar scrub into your palm and dispose of the wooden stick. Very gently apply the mixture your face in a small circular motion, carefully avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. The mixture is very course and excessive rubbing can irritate the skin. wait 1-2 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water. Rinse again with cool water to close the pores.
You can cleanse the skin with a gentle face wash before applying the honey sugar scrub if you wish. Raw honey contains natural antibiotics and tea tree oil is great for treating acne and acne scars, so it's up to you whether you feel the need to add the extra cleanser (I personally don't since I have sensitive skin). Always mix well before every use. When using and storing your honey sugar scrub, be sure not to get any water into the mixture and avoid dipping your fingers into the container as this can lead to the growth of bacteria, no matter how clean your hands are. Shelf life is approximately 2-3 weeks with proper use and storage.

So there it is, dears. Hope you get a chance to treat yourself to some 'me time' soon. If any of you try this or come up with your own favorite combination, do share! I'd love to hear your variations.


caroline said...

Nice! Have to try this.

Christie Bryant said...

I love the rain too. We have the most amazing Summer storms in Idaho. The thunder and lightening...a sudden breath of cool air after a warm day, so beautiful. I'm looking forward to them this Summer.
This sugar scrub is amazing!