Friday, February 17, 2012

Snap Of The Week


This delicious box of treats was waiting for me when I arrived in Baltimore Sunday night, and I am unashamed to say Chris and I inhaled them. The cake balls included red velvet with ruby sugar crystals, double dark chocolate with pink rose petals, dark chocolate raspberry with sugar pearls and strawberry with white chocolate ganache and dark chocolate drizzle. I've had my fair share of these one-bite wonders, and the thing I've had issue with in the past is how dry they can be with too much shell and not enough cake. These cake balls from brand-spanking new Baltimore 'dessertery' Rosewater & Chocolate, however, are out of control amazing. They almost melt in your mouth, and the flavors are so rich and intense there's no way you can stop at just one.

Have a sweet weekend.


jeska said...

Hi Patrice! yes! I love that sweet little cabin, I fell in love when I saw it in the Rachel Ashwell book x

Thanks for the link I haven’t seen all these pictures. I think I would like to make a miniature dolls house version!

Punctuation Mark said...

that is adorable... i'd love one of those cuties!!! Happy Friday!